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Research laboratories, departments, centers

The institute also operates:

  • Accredited laboratory of nondestructive testing (obtained licenses for technical diagnostics of industrial facilities).
  • Accredited calibration laboratory for verification of manufactured and introduced its measuring magnetic fields and residualmagnetization.
  • Scientific and Methodological Center for capillary, visual-optical and thermal methods of nondestructive testing. (Activity - the organization of scientific workshops on methods of nondestructive testing.)
  • National Technical Committee for Standardization TC № 10 "Technical diagnostics and non-destructive testing".
  • Council on thesis D 01.16.01.
  • Institute of Applied Physics of the National Academy of Sciences is the developer and maintainer of the national standard of the magneticinduction of the Republic of Belarus. At present, the GTIN "Standards and scientific instruments" are working on the development, production and deployment of three morestandards.