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Laboratory of Capillary Phenomena

Head of the Laboratory
PhD Alexander L. MAYOROV

tel.: (+375-17) 284-20-02, е-mail:

The Basic Directions of R&D Activity:

     Basic research:

          - Investigation of ultrasonic (elastic) wave propagation in materials;
          - Study of physical phenomena and processes at the "liquid - solid state" boundary, underlying in the base of penetrant testing methods.

     Applied research

          - Research and development of new methods and means of ultrasonic flaw detection, structurescopy, measure of hardened layers depth;
          - Development of new methods and means for penetrate testing, ways to increase the sensitivity and reliability of penetrate testing.

     R&D Products of the Laboratory:

          - Automated installation for ultrasonic non-destructive testing of adhesion of non-resistant insert with the main material of pistons of internal combustion engines;
          - Automated installation for ultrasonic non-destructive of defects of diesel engines sleeve;
          - Methods and equipment for ultrasonic testing of welded joints obtained by different methods (friction welding, explosion welding, magnet-pulse welding, etc.);
          - Sets of ultrasonic transducers with a magnetic contact fluid; methods and apparatus for automatic ultrasonic testing by subsurface waves;
          - Ultrasound indicators of castings structure from high-strength cast iron;
          - High-sensitive materials for fluorescent and dyer penetrant testing;
          - Computerized systems for the sensitivity evaluating of product families and t results of penetrant testing using methods of image processing methods;
          - Test panels for penetrant testing and magnetic-powder flaw detection.