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Laboratory of Magnetic Methods of Testing

Head of the Laboratory
PhD Alexander A. OSIPOV

tel.: (+375-17) 284-24-17, е-mail:

The Basic Directions of R&D Activity:

     Basic research:

          - Processes of ferromagnetics magnetization, including with non-uniform structure, in homogeneous and inhomogeneous and quasi-static and pulsed magnetic fields, the relationship between magnetic parameters and mechanical properties of ferromagnetic materials;
          - Mathematical models of the phenomenon of magnetic hysteresis, the influence of size and shape on the magnetization processes, residual hysteresis magnetization in the pulse magnetizing.

     Applied research:

          - Development of new methods to control mechanical properties and quality of heat treatment of ferromagnetic materials and products, of optimizing parameters of pulse magnetization systems with a given amplitude and temporal characteristics, of the synthesis of magnetic fields with given spatial and temporal distribution;
          - Development of principles of measuring magnetic fields and magnetic characteristics of ferromagnetic materials and products;
          - Development of techniques for metrological provision of the magnetic control means.

     R&D Products of the Laboratory:

          - Pulsed magnetic analyzers of structure, mechanical properties and quality of heat treatment of ferromagnetic materials and products;
          - Pulsed flow controllers of structure and mechanical properties of rolled steel, moving in the flow of production at speeds of up to 25 m/s;
          - Devices to control mechanical properties of weld seam and heat-affected zone; national standard of magnetic induction of the Republic of Belarus;
          - The installation for measuring the magnetic properties of ferromagnetic materials.