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Laboratory of Contact Dynamic Methods of Testing

Head of the Laboratory
Dr. Sc., Prof. Valery A. RUDNITSKY

tel.: (+375-17) 284-24-38, е-mail:

The Basic Directions of R&D Activity

     Basic research:

          - Theoretical and experimental study of rheological behavior of materials under dynamic contact loading;
          - Development of methods and means for estimation of physical and mechanical characteristics of articles by non-destructive testing of properties of metals and alloys, viscoelastic materials (low-module polymers, rubbers, plastics), as well as construction materials (concrete, asphalt, bitumen).

     Applied research:

          - Investigation of material properties under static and dynamic loading; determination of the relationships between static and dynamic characteristics of materials;
          - Metrology research and development of verification techniques for equipment for static and dynamic loading.

     R&D Products of the Laboratory:

          - Portable digital tester for metallic materials, equipment for measurement of mechanical characteristics of metallic materials;
          - Diagnostics of a state of metal products with removal of the influence of roughness and stiffness of structures;
          - Measurement of viscoelastic properties of polymeric materials and rubber products, measurement of concrete strength.