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Laboratory of radio tomography

Head of the Laboratory
PhD Alexander O.NAUMOV

tel.: (+375-17) 231-77-91 е-mail:

The Basic Directions of R&D Activity

     Basic research:

          - Development of the statistical theory for dynamic image reconstruction in the X-ray tomography;
          - Development of the theory and principles of construction of systems with controlled structure;
          - Study of reconstruction methods of the internal structure of non-metallic objects based on solutions of inverse problems of diffraction of ultra-wideband microwave signals.

     Applied research:

          - Development of methods, algorithms and software for dynamic image reconstruction in the process tomography.
          - Research and development of radio-wave methods of detecting hidden subsurface objects;
          - Development of digital signal processing for subsurface radar;
          - Study of radio-wave methods of visualizing the structure of biological objects intended for early detection of tumors.

     R&D Products of the Laboratory:

          - Microwave thickness gauge of dielectric coatings on metals;
          - Non-contact microwave measuring of vibration and beats;
          - Portable instrument measuring the radio-transparency of antenna radomes of aircraft radars;
          - Radio-wave level gauging of liquids in tanks;
          - Subsurface radars to visualize the internal structure of building structures (identification and visualization of flaws in walls, floors etc.;
          - Determination of the thickness of structural elements), sensing of surface layer of the soil.