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Laboratory of Computerized Diagnostics

Head of the Laboratory

tel.: (+375-17) 284-23-44, е-mail:

The Basic Directions of R&D Activity:

      Basic research:

          - establishment of the theoretical foundations of few maloproektsionnoy and X-ray tomography;
          - development of the theoretical foundations of voltage control and structure of the surface layers of metals by solving the inverse problem of reconstruction of object properties using magnitoshumovogo method;
          - theory and technology of monitoring and evaluation of the technical condition of unique objects using multisensor systems;
          - development of methods and systems for technical diagnosis pressure vessels, piping, mechanical engineering products and other objects.

     Applied research:

          - research methods to assess the stress-strain state of ferromagnetic and degradation products on the parameters of magnetic noise;
          - research and development magnitoshumovyh transducers to study the structure and properties of ferromagnetic materials;
          - development of the theory and algorithms for industrial tomography;
          - holding control of the stress-strain state;
          - technical diagnosis and prediction of durability;
          - Study of degradation, including metal fatigue.

     R&D Products of the Laboratory:

          - magnitoshumovye analyzers structure and stresses in the surface layers;
          - monitoring structures, "turn-key";
          - transducers for measuring forces, deformation, stress, and the degree of degradation of the fatigue of metals;
          - methods, algorithms and software for image reconstruction in X-ray imaging industry.