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Laboratory of Physics of Electromagnetic Losses

Head of the Laboratory

tel.: (+375-17) 284-15-77, е-mail:

The Basic Directions of R&D Activity:

     Basic research:

          - Energy dissipation in ferromagnetics under their magnetization, the dynamics of the processes and identification of sources.

     Applied research:

          - The study of electromagnetic processes in the systems of transformation and the conversion of electrical energy;
          - Development of methods and means of non-destructive testing and diagnostics of their technical condition.

     R&D Products of the Laboratory:

          - Devices for measuring the magnetic properties of electrical steels; instruments for non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics of energetic equipment including:
                           - power transformers;
                           - electrical machines constant current;
                           - wide range of electrical coils;
                           - isolation of high-voltage equipment through the contactless measurement of current leakage.