The main scientific direction of the Institute

  • Non-destructive testing;
  • Development of methods and non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics of materials, products and processes;
  • Basics of information technology non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics.
  • Non-destructive testing, developed at the Institute

  • Methods for ultrasonic testing, structurescopy, thickness of surface-hardened layers;
  • Capillary method of control;
  • Pulsed magnetic control method;
  • Methods of magnetic coating thickness measurement;
  • Method of thermopower;
  • Eddy current inspection methods and structurescopy;
  • Method magnitoshumovoy structurescopy;
  • Methods to control magnetic properties of soft magnetic materials, magnetic fields and remanence;
  • Methods of radio wave nondestructive structurescopy, thickness;
  • Contact-dynamic method of control of physical and mechanical properties of materials;
  • Methods of image reconstruction in X-ray tomography.
  • Solve applied problems

  • Defect continuity of parts procurement and construction elements (testing).
  • Control of the structure and physical and mechanical properties of materials.
  • Inspection of geometrical parameters of products, coatings and surface-hardened layers.
  • Stress-strain state of metal.
  • Technical diagnostics facilities.
  • Control Objects

          Parts, billet, casting, rolling, forging, welded joints, building and other structures made of metal, concrete, plastics, composite materials, pipes, boilers, tanks, metal handling machines, articles of rubber, materials, foundations, paving, machinery, electrical machinery, etc.