The contact&dynamic testing methods lab

The contact&dynamic testing methods lab



Researches and production, conducted by our lab, are made through a full work cycle: from a scientific idea to a practical realiziation. The results of our researches are usually acknowledged in the Republic of Belarus and abroad. The practical realiziation of our researches lead to the creation of new fully certified NDT measurement devices that are not inferior to thier analogues. Technical commitee for standartization TC BY 10 “Technical diagnostics and NDT” is based on our lab, which allows us to develop govermental standards.


Theses defended


Scientific projects


Devices deployed

Main fields of work

Development of theoretical fundamentals of impact and static contact interaction

Development of theoretical fundamentals of magnetic ponderomotive testing method

Development of new areas and technologies of testing (IoT, etc.)

Еducation activities

Development metrological technical documentation

Development of govermental standards in Technical commitee for standartization TK BY 10

Cooperation with industrial enterprises

Development and production of modern and innovative NDT devices, methods and technologies

  • Rudnitsky V.A. “Physical fundamentals research of ponderomotive testing method and the devices metrological characteristics analysis (using Akulov’s Thickness gauge example)”. (scientific degree – Candidate of Engineering Sciences).
  • Galat E.P. “Dynamic loading parameters optimisation and metrological assurance of dynamic hardness testers”. (scientific degree – Candidate of Engineering Sciences).
  • Meleshko A.L. “Magnetic ponderomotive method and its realization for ferritic phase testing in austenitic steels and cladding layers”. (scientific degree – Candidate of Engineering Sciences).
  • Tsarik S.V. “Physical-mechanical properties evaluation of viscoelastic materials using dynamic indentation method”. (scientific degree – Candidate of Engineering Sciences).
  • Kren A.P. “Development of the dynamic indentation method for nondestructive testing of viscoelastic materials”. (scientific degree – Candidate of Engineering Sciences).
  • Rabtsevich A.V. “Main physical-mechanical properties identification of steels and aluminum alloys using dynamic indentation method”. (scientific degree – Candidate of Engineering Sciences).
  • Minchenya V.V. “Dynamic indentation method development and realisiation for metallic coating hardness measurement”. (scientific degree – Candidate of Engineering Sciences).
  • Mozgalev V.V. “Quality evaluation of technical rubber products using it’s reaction to temperature and mechanical effect”. (scientific degree – Candidate of Engineering Sciences).
  • Matsulevich O.V. “Improving the credibility of physical-mechanical properties evaluation of elasto-plastic materials using dynamic indentation method”. (scientific degree – Candidate of Engineering Sciences).
  • Protasenya T.A. “Physical-mechanical properties testing of carbon structural materials using dynamic indentation method”. (scientific degree – Candidate of Engineering Sciences).
  • Rudnitsky V.A. “Products physical-mechanical properties testing using dynamic-contact deformation parameters”. (scientific degree – Doctor of Engineering Sciences).
  • Kren A.P. “Physical-mechanical properties and fracture toughness testing of nonmetallic structural materials using indentation methods”. (scientific degree – Doctor of Engineering Sciences).

State program (ГКПНИ) «Technical Diagnostics»

task 17: «The method and device development for express evaluation of elastoplastic polymeric materials parameters» (2006-2008, state registration number: ГР 20061198);

task 43 «Development of Non-metallic materials degradation evaluation methods using their crack resistance» (2009-2010, state registration number: ГР 20091878);

State program (ГПОРФИ) «Construction and architecture»

task 01 «Development and usage of the dynamic indentation method for concretes physical-mechanical parameters non-destructive testing» (2006-2010, state registration number: ГР 20061200);

State program (ГНТП) «Standards and scientific devices»

task 1.08 «Development and production of the experimental complex for viscoelastic polymeric nanocomposites, thin films and biological cells adhesion and rheological characteristics evaluation with scanning probe and optical microscopy functions combination» (2006-2008, state registration number: ГР 20065420);

Belarusian Republican Fund of Fundamental Research (БРФФИ)

Т07М-012 «Relaxation curves and a spectrum of relaxation times construction of a viscoelastic material using its response to shock loading» (2007-2009, state registration number: ГР 20071276);

Т11М-178 «Development of accelerated evaluation methods of asphalt concrete rheological characteristics using local deformation parameters» (2011-2013, state registration number: ГР 20112853);

State program (ГПНИ) «Polymeric materials and technologies»

task 1.16 «Method and device development for express evaluation of low-modulus polymeric materials properties at the stages of their creation and processing into products» (2006-2010, state registration number: ГР 20064534);

State program (ГКПНИ) «Mechanics»

task 2.19 «Theoretical and experimental mechanics methods development for micro- and nanotechnologies tasks» (2006-2010, state registration number: ГР 20064535);

State program (ГПФИ) «Diagnostics»

task 17 «Local deformation kinetics research of materials in a developed contact deformation field and mechanic properties of materials testing methods development» (2001-2005, state registration number: ГР 20015320);

State program (ГПНИ) «Mechanics, technical diagnostics, metallurgy»

task 5.4.03 «Dynamic indentation method development for impact strength testing of carbon fiber and medium-carbon steel» (2011-2013, state registration number: ГР 20111675);

task 4.31 «Research and development of a two-parametered method of mechanical stress evaluation in steel structures using dynamic indentation data and force interaction with permanent magnet parameters» (2014-2015, state registration number: ГР 20140826);

Union State Program «Standartisation-US»

Contract 3/11-11 «Analysis of the state of standardization and certification in the field of measurements and monitoring of space technology in terms of control and diagnostics of physical and mechanical properties of materials, stresses and geometric parameters of space technology products. Development of normative and technical documentation» (2011-2013)

Union State Program «Monitoring-US»

task 1.2 «Development of an equipment experimental model for carbon and graphite materials physicomechanical characteristics monitoring and diagnosing of rocket engine assemblies using dynamic indentation» (2013-2017, state registration number: ГР 20140039).

State program (ГПНИ) «Mechanics, metallurgy, diagnostics in machine building».

task 3.04 «Development of the physical foundations of local deformation and the magnetic method for non-destructive testing of materials and coatings, including functionally gradient and composite materials and coatings» (2016-2020)

Union State Program «Technology-US»

task «Development of a quality control technology for functional and heat-shielding coatings of rocket and space technology with improved corrosion and wear-resistant properties» (2016-2020)

  • specialized installation for biological tissues monitoring (Center of Biomechanics, Basel, Switzerland)
  • specialized installation for control of fluoroplastic separators of rocket engines operating at cryogenic temperatures (JSC “NPO Energomash” named after V.P. Glushko, Khimki city)
  • testing method of a isotropic pyrographite, that’s used in rocket engine turbopump units (Engineering and Design Center for Supporting the Operation of Space Technology, Saint Petersburg)
  • IVUS-1 devices for technical rubber and polyurethane parameters testing (Minsk Automobile Plant, Asipovichy plant of automobile units); and for visoelastic parameters testing of bitumen and asphalt concrete (DSU-1, Rogachev city, Center for Scientific Research and Testing of Road Construction and Waterproofing Materials of the Belarusian National Technical University)
  • Impulse-1R research installation for elastoplastic and viscoelastic polymeric materials parameters testing(IMMS NASB, Russian Universities Assosiation, Vitebsk State Technological University, Grodno State Agrarian University)
  • Road coating rheological parameters testing installation(«Belarusian Road Center»);
  • Asphalt-concrete elasticity modulus testing device IPM–1А («BelDorNII»)
  • Technical rubber materials paramteres testing device IPM-1K (Soligorsk Institute of Energy Saving Problems, Heat and Mass transfer institute, IMMS NASB, BSTU)
  • Method МИ-1.08/1-2007 «Nanoindentation. Method of elasticity modulus evaluation of higly elastic polymers and biocells», МИ-1.08/2-2007 «Nanoindentation. Evaluation method of angle tangent of mechanical losses and materials relaxation time» (Nanoprocesses and nanotechnology lag of the Heat and Mass transfer institute of NASB)
  • Method of technical condition testing of rubber sealing in heat transfers of “BelEnergoRemNaladka”»; Method of physical-mechanical parameters testing of technical rubber products (IMSH NASB)
  • Method of quality evaluation of polytetrafluoroethylene harding using dynamic indentation(«558 Aviation Repair Plant», Baranovichy city)
  • TPC-4, TPC-5, TPC-7 hardness testers implementation at more than 50 enterprises of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation
  • MTA-4, MTA-5 thickness testers implementation at «Metallist-Samara», JSC “NPO Energomash” named after V.P. Glushko, etc

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