We solve multidimensional tasks of non-destructive testing

Renown research centre

in NDT physics. Brings together scientists within the “Technical Diagnostics” program. Is a part of The World Organisation for NDT

We perform monitoring

and technical diagnostics of potentialy dangerous industrial facilities, controlled by the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Belarus, as a part of an accredited NDT lab.

We help universities

by providing technical help to universities departments that train engineers of the NDT field

We do calibrations

of developed in the Institute magnet field measurement devices within the accredited lab

We design and produce

NDT devices, as well as NDT methods and technologies for industries with a goal to improve product quality and competitiveness

We train spesialists

in the framework of the Scientific and Methodological Centre of accredited labs throughout the country for the certification of personnel on a number of NDT methods

We develop normative documents

in a field of Non-Destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics within the functioning in the institute Technical Committie TK10 “Technical diagnostics and non-destructive testing”

We direct and coordinate

of the public party of “Belarusian Association of Non-Destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics” on the effective implementation of NDT in the enterprises

Our History


The most important scientific direction of the institute is traditionally the development of physical basis, new methods and means of non-destructive quality control of industrial products and technical diagnostics. This determined the name of the Department of Physics, Academy of Sciences of the Byelorussian SSR non-destructive testing, established October 15, 1963 on the basis of the Laboratory for Physical Problems of Physical-Technical Institute, of the Belorussian Academy renowned physicist academician magnetism Nikolai Akulov.

Expansion of scientific research topics of the Department, the growing needs of the economy of the republic formed the basis for the adoption by the Government in January 1980, the decision on the transformation of the Department of Physics, non-destructive testing in the Institute of Applied Physics.