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Portable digital hardness tester TPTS

Field of application

        The instrument is designed for measurement of Brinell and Rockwell hardness of metallic products with flat or cylindrical surfaces. It is characterized by a large measuring range. High accuracy, the most simple handling and testing procedure.

Principle of operation

        Hardness tester uses the new method of measurement of time interval between two collisions of indentor with surface of test products. The impact energy of the indentor is created by gravity.


        Portable and reliable - highly reliable mechanical winding system means less power consumption and longer life on the power cells. Hardness tester TPTS make more then 30 measurements on a single winding. It is very convenient when important objects are to be investigated.
        Nondestructive - the impact energy is less then 2mJ so the measurement impact doesn't damage the product to be tested. Further more it is not needed to produce special specimens making it possible to provide 100% quality check of ready-made details.
        Of great accuracy - the instrument has the same accuracy as any standard precise Brinell, Rockwell and Vickers machine.
        Flexible and convenient in everyday use - multiple hardness scales are electronically switched perfectly suiting your measurement needs.


Ranges of measuring:

Rockwell units

20 - 68

Brinell units

90 - 450

Size, mm


Weight, g.


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