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-The indicator is intended for operative classification of iron castings kind (high-strength cast iron or grey pig-iron).
-The productivity of inspection is from units up to tens of castings in one minute.
-The principle of the indicator work is based on comparison of results of the casting inspection by the indicator to the real size of casting measured, for example, by trammel.
-The results of inspection by the indicator do not depend from the casting form.
-Preparation of the casting to the testing demands only shot blast clearing from calx. It is possible to test casting after the suffusion by clear-cole even if it has not dried up yet.


-For the inspection it is enough to put transducers of the indicator on opposite surfaces of casting (Fig. 2).
-The distance between these surfaces should be in an interval from ~ 10 up to 200 mm.
-The testing of the indicator capacity to work is made on the special sample which comprises to the indicator set.
-The using of the indicator does not demand special knowledge and high qualification of the personnel.
-The indicator is designed for work in a local mode; power supply is carried out from the onboard accumulator or the power module.
-The indicator is sold in a protective case.
-The indicator is completed by special belts for carrying. Accordingly the hands of operator are free for the testing.
-The information about the results of casting inspection is represented on the liquid-crystal display and by led indicators.
-Two modes of the indicator operating is stipulated:
-At the first mode the operator compares distance between surfaces of casting, on which stand transducers during the testing (measured by trammel), with the sizes of casting indicated on the display of the indicator.


-In the second mode real distance between these surfaces enter in memory of the indicator beforehand. Then, as a result of the testing of casting, the indicator not only indicates the measured distances on the display, but also switches on one of the led indicators. Red - if the pig-iron in casting is grey, or green - if the the casting is from high-strength cast iron.
-The first mode is expedient for using, when distance between surfaces to which stands transducers during the testing, changes from a detail to a detail. For example, it can be different places of castings.
-The second mode more productive, but can be used only for such castings which linear sizes change from a detail to a detail a little.


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