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Microwave indicator of radio-transparency of the antenna radom

Field of application

      The radar device is intended for evaluating radio-transparency of antenna radomes of airplanes under repair, maintenance and service.
      The device can store in the internal non-volatile memory up to 500 measurement results in total divided to 10 files, 50 results per file. The saved data can be looked through using device keyboard.
      The device can calculate and indicate statistical parameters of the data saved in the files.

Principle of operation

      Principle of operation of the radar device is based on the measurement of the reflection coefficient of the microwave from the antenna radome area under test. Then, either the wave attenuation in the radome in dB or radio-transparency in percentage is estimated.


      The radar consists of the sensor unit and indicator device connected with a cable.
      The power supply can be provided by two AA elements or by optional 220 V adapter.


In the radar, one of two measurement options can be selected:

- estimation of the radio-transparency in the range

of 0 to 100 %

- estimation of the attenuation of the microwave in the range

of 0 to 15 dB

Temperature range



sensor unit

125x125x210 mm

indicator device

160x90x40 mm


sensor unit

700 g.

indicator device

300 g.

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