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Equipment for the testing of welded joints of polymeric materials

Field of application

      The ultrasonic method and device for detection of defects in butt-welded and lap-welded joints of polymeric materials.
      Method reveals not only volumetric and flat faulty fusions, but also such defects us "kissing bonds" ("mirror"). This is a tight contact of welded surfaces without mutual diffusion of materials.
      The device can be used for 100% testing of welded joints, at development of welding procedure, at condition monitoring of pipelines.

Principle of operation

      Defects are detected on a base of second order effects at interaction of elastic waves with partially fixed boundary of welded surfaces.


      The device consists of the electronic block with replaceable transducers.
      In case of pipes testing transducers are made in accordance with a pipe diameter. For testing of flat materials welded joints (tanks for chemically active substances, etc.) special transducers are made (in accordance with thickness of welded materials). This transducers make it possible to test welded joint for one pass (without cross scanning).

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