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Equipment for the measure of hardened layers thickness on steel products

Field of application

      Indicator IH-31 is intended for the testing of hardened layers thickness (hardening after cementation, high frequency hardening) by non destructive method. The indicator allows detecting areas with insufficient depth of a hardening or areas where the hardening has not occurred.

Principle of operation

      The principle of the indicator activity is grounded on the analysis of elastic and electrical properties of the hardened layers. The residual magnetic induction of a detail after the testing is absent


      The indicator consists of the electronic block and sensors; control from a computer. The interface for connection to PC is USB v.1.1, v.2.0.


- The accuracy of measurement is 0,1mm in the range of hardened layers thickness

from 0 up to 6 mm

- Duration of one measuring is not more than

10 s

- Indicator can be used at details manufacturing and at the input testing.
- Used sensors allow testing flat and cylindrical surfaces.
- For details with irregular shape of surface sensors can be made on the basis of the customer technical requirements (gears, cogwheels, hollow chamfers, etc.).
- Measurement data are saved in computer in EXCELL format.
- Testing procedure does not demand special preparation and high qualification of a personal. For operation it is enough look through the brief manual.

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