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The device for testing of mechanical properties of building materials IPM-1B

        Nondestructive testing of hardness and strength of asphalts, concretes and other building materials (hardened bitumen, bricks, etc.). Also the device allows estimating mechanical characteristics of a material in samples and articles (dynamic elastic modulus, viscosity, etc.), find heterogeneous zones or zones of bad consolidation.
        The device is based on dynamic indentation method - local impact loading of the material tested, recording of the analog signal of indenter velocity, its analog-to-digital conversion and calculation of the mechanical characteristics of the material tested, using special algorithms.
        Portable device IPM-1B is made as the one-piece unit, which includes impact gauge, electronic module of analog-digital converter, processor, display and self-contained power supply. The four main parameters (strength, hardness, dynamic elastic modulus and viscosity) are calculated for each measurement. Embedded memory allows saving up to 1500 measurement results. Transferring of measurement results to a personal computer, their storage and statistical treatment are realized by special software, which is included in the delivery set.
        - High self-descriptiveness. By the result of one test impact user gets information about elastic, plastic and viscous properties of a material under test.
        - Expanded measuring range allows testing both asphalts having strength less then 1 MPa and high-strength concrete (more the 60 MPa) using the same device.
        - Sufficiently high impact energy (1,5 J), which allows decreasing data scattering caused by material heterogeneous.
Strength measurement range

0,1-100 MPa

Strength measurement accuracy

8 %

Measuring time

5 s

Size, mm

Mass, kg


70 x 340


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