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      The devise is intended for measurement of three components and module of induction of magnetic fields sources and magnetized wares. The device is used for testing of residual induction (magnetization level) of wares after magnetic crack detection and details and wares of mechanical engineering, machine-tool construction and instrument making, aircraft industry, power engineering, for testing of characteristics of magnetic fields sources used in industry, medicine, instrument building and spatial distribution of these fields.
      The device provides measurement of three components and module of induction of middle and big constant and alternating magnetic fields by three mutually orthogonal Hall elements, which are placed in one transducer. The device indicates of three components and module or only module of magnetic field induction.


Range of measurement of any component or module of magnetic induction, milliteslas


Limits of basic error, milliteslas:
     - in the sub-range up to 60 mT

(0,1 + 4% of module of measurable induction)

     - in the sub-range from 60 mT

(0,1 + 3% of module of measurable induction)

Power supply

4 alkaline batteries or accumulators (AA type)

Range of working temperatures,

from -10 to +40

Overall dimensions, millimeters, no more than:
     - the electronic module


     - the transducer


Weight of the device, grams, no more than 


Metrological certification, warranty and after-sales service

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