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Barkhausen Noise Instrument "Introscan"-new generation of tools for internal stress Non Destructive Evaluation

      Introscan is advanced Barkhausen noise analyzer for residual and applied stress and microstructure measurement in steels and cast iron. The instrument is controlled by embedded PC operated in OS Windows CE environment, what gives new capabilities for signal and data processing.
      Two magnetization channels, running in a matched mode, provide driving magnetic field rotation with tetra-pole sensor. The stabilization of magnetic flux mode gives start to conformity of the magnetic flux in the material with a lift-off and makes the measurement results invariant to the quality of a material's surface under test. Special system provides the opportunity to demagnetize tested area before and/or after the measurement.
      The PC's display can depict online the scanning profiles in the form of linear or directional diagrams and save them in the memory. Calibration and testing procedures are available for both laboratory and in-field application.

Application areas:

  • Residual and applied stress evaluation in steels, including welds;
  • NDE of retained austenite in tool steels;
  • NDE of surface hardening by plastic deformation, cold rolling, shot pinning, etc. including layer-by-layer analysis;
  • Hardened layer thickness measurement after laser-beam hardening;
  • NDE of hardness of heat treated surface with depth resolution;
  • Revealing of chill zones in cast iron;
  • Evaluation of grain size in steels;
  • Evaluation of graphite content and graphite shapes in cast iron;
  • Revealing of burns in steels.

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