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Application notes

      The instrument is used for nondestructive testing and diagnostics of ferromagnetic materials, wares, structures and their separate parts. It can be used for:
         -revealing the breaking point (critical) ranges of stress;
         -testing and estimation the residual and applied stresses;
         -testing the parameters of surface layers, hardened with different kinds of strain-hardening treatment (SPD, laser, ion-plasmous etc.)
         -evaluation and revealing of burns;
         -testing the steel thermal treatment (quench temperature or tempering temperatures);
         -evaluation the structurally-stressed state of welds and zones of thermal state of ferromagnetic materials;
         -testing the steel and cast iron structure;
         -other problems solution, concerned with necessity to test the structures and to estimate the mode of deformation
      IMSHA-1 is used with various portable sensors for a lot of applications in mechanical engineering, metallurgy, civil engineering, gas- and petrochemistry, supervision or maintenance of different elements of pipeline transportation systems and other constructions (towers, bulks, piers etc.).

Principle of operation

      Instrument operates on the basis of magnetic Barkhausen effect, the irreversible magnetization process of ferromagnetic domains displacements during magnetization. The magnetic jumps lead to appearing of voltage impulses which are registered by the detecting coil. After that, signal, incoming into the electronic module, processed, indicated and analyzed.


      Instrument provides detection, displaying of Barkhausen noise intensity values.

Main advantages

      High sensitivity, usability, portability, possibility to use in autonomous mode, low price in comparison with analogues

Main technical information

Frequency of generator's magnetization reversal, Hz

64, 128

Amplitude of magnetization reversal current, mA

20, 50, 70, 90, 120, 150, 200

Information representation method

liquid-crystal display with highlight

Digital data representation range

0 - 409

Computer bus


Power supply

12 V working with capacitor

220 V/50 Hz with adapter

Sizes, mm


Weight (without accumulator and converter), kg


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