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A device for determination of mechanical properties of steel articles Impulse-2M

        Nondestructive testing of steel articles in field or working environment. Portable device can measure hardness in HB, HRC units and ultimate strength in MPa
        The device is based on dynamic indentation method. An indenter applies an impact of small energy, the process of its intrusion into metal is registered with 5 MHz frequency, the data is saved and processed in a built-in pocket PC (PDA).
        Portable device Impulse-2M consists from impact gauge and stand-alone data processing unit with an ability to input and store text comments (ADC unit and PDA). It can transfer data to a PC.
        Impulse-2M has a mode of compliant article testing, which allows to measure hardness and ultimate strength of articles with wall thickness starting from 5.5-6 mm.
        It measures mechanical properties of arbitrary oriented in space articles. Correction of readings is made automatically without gauge orientation data input by a user.
        It stores up to 400 measurements. Due to text input ability, measurements are commented by user and are easily identified later.
        It can connect to PC and transfer measurement data into specially designed database. Measurement data can be stored arbitrary long.
       Measurements are grouped. The device calculates statistics (average data and standard deviation) automatically for a group of measurements.
       It estimates ultimate strength of known steel grades by individual algorithms, selected by user. Universal scale exists also. New steel grades can be added by customer's request.
Measurement range:

HRC scale

20 - 67 HRC

HB scale

90 - 450 HB

ultimate strength

380 - 1520 MPa

Measurement error:

HRC scale

2 HRC at (25 5) HRC

1,5 HRC at (45 5) HRC

1,5 HRC at (65 5) HRC

HB scale

10 H at (100 25) H

15 H at (200 50) H

15 H at (400 50) H

ultimate strength

35 MPa at (100 25) H

55 MPa at (200 50) H

80 MPa at (400 50) H

Mass, g. :

processing unit (PDA and ADC)


impact gauge


The device is registered in State list of measurement instrumentation (No 03 03 2562 05, certificate No 3380)
and is permitted to be used in Belarus.

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