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Pulse magnetic analyzer MA-4M (PMA-4M)


      The MA-4M (PMA-4M) pulse magnetic analyzer is designed for nondestructive testing of mechanical properties (hardness, ultimate strength, yield point, elongation at rupture) and microstructure (grain size) of low-carbon steels of thickness from 0,15 up to 4,0 mm without their destruction. The testing of some medium-carbon and low-alloyed cold-rolled and some hot-rolled steels is possible.
      The analyzer MA-4M (PMA-4M) as the gauge for the measurement of the gradient of the residual field strength can be used.


      The testing is realized by periodical local pulse magnetization of steel products with subsequent measuring of gradient of normal component of residual field strength.
      The dependence between the indications of the device and the properties of metal under test the consumer determines by establishing the corresponding correlation.


      The device MA-4M (PMA-4M) is designed as a portable one consisting from the electronic unit and the transducer, connected by the electrical cable with the length of 1,5 meters.


For the low-carbon cold-rolled steels the device ensures the testing of:

- hardness on a dial HRB

from 30 up to 100 units

- a yield strength σ, kgf/mm2

from 20 up to 75

- ultimate strength σ kgf/mm2

from 25 up to 85

- relative elongation δ10

from 2 up to 50

- estimation of depth of indentation on Erixen

- average size of ferrite grain

- point of ferrite and carburization grain

The thickness of the tested articles, mm

0,15 - 4.0

The range of measuring the gradient of magnetic residual field strength, A/m2

200 ÷ 2104

5 %

The error because the gap changes (for every 0,1 mm), not more then

1,5 %

The amplitude of magnetizing pulses, A/m


The duration of testing (magnetization - measurement), s, not more then


The transducer contact pad diameter  , mm 


The edge effect zone, mm 


Overall dimensions, mm


The weight, kg., not more then


      The use of the device helps to save the metal and to enhance the productivity 8-to-10 times as compared to direct methods of testing. The instrument readings are insensitive to a thin layer of dirt, paint or scale on the metal to be tested.
      The metrological supervision is assured with the help of a magnetic field gradient gauge type M (MGF), without the use of standard metal specimens. The device is provided with a digital indicator of measurement results, may be connected to a PC, and is able to hold the test results upon termination the magnetization - measurement cycle.

Analyzer -4M (PMA-4M) has passed the State tests and is filed in the State record of the measuring devices of Republic Belarus under the No. 03 14 1018 99.

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