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      The HT-1 is an eddy current instrument designed for hardness nondestructive testing of steel details -crankshafts and camshafts, slide bars of machine tools, etc. and also in difficult-to-access places of details (gear teeth, grooves, holes, slots, internal surfaces, etc.) with a low class of surface cleanliness - after surface hardening (high frequency current hardening, chemical - thermal processing, laser processing, etc.)
      The HT-1 principle of operation is based on a higher harmonics method. A testing area of a detail is reverse magnetized by a variable sinusoidal magnetic field generated by an exciting coil of a small-sized superimposed transducer, and the third harmonic component of an output e.m.f., which is proportional to hardness, is measured. The time of one measurement is not more than 3 seconds. The minimal diameter of a transducer is 5mm.
      HT-1 may be integrates into automatic inspection lines.
      The power supply is an alternating current network of 220V and 50 Hz or accumulators.

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