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Device DST for measurement of electric parameters of power transformers

Field of application

      It is intended for tests of power transformers, including acceptance after manufacturing and repair, while their periodic or continuous monitoring under operating conditions; for monitoring electric networks. It can be used on power stations, substations, distributive items, in shops of the enterprises.
      It allows to carry out software measurement, calculation and the analyzing :
       - effective values of phase voltage
       - effective values of phase currents, current of zero sequence
       - symmetry of phases
       - shift corner of phases between curves of a voltage and a current in each phase accordingly
       - active, reactive and full powers for each phase separately and total ones on all three phases
       - power factor
       - spectrum of current signals
       - frequency of a network
       - high-frequency component in a current signal in a range of frequencies from 50 kHz
       - etc.


- measured voltage, V

10 - 250*

- measured current, А

0,015 - 5*

- measured phase shift, degree

0 - 360

* - ranges can be changed according to wishes of the Customer
Relative error of measurement:
- voltage (no more), %


- current (no more), %


- power (no more), %


Built-in interface RS232/RS485 for communication with PECM
Permanent memory for preservation of results of measurement

      The managing program allous to read results of measurements, to look through the data stored in the digital and graphic form both in memory of the device, and on PC, to carry out construction of all vector diagrams.

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