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The instrument for diagnostics of windings of electric equipment DO-1 


      It allows to carry out diagnosing of windings defects (short circuits between spires and with the case, breakages, defective insulation) in one- and three-phase electric motors, generators and the other electric equipment.


      Work of the device is based on the analysis of transients in windings with use of the reference curve of damping which have been written down in memory of the device. Software techniques provide finding and visualization of a difference signal of damping oscillation curves on the display in absence and at presence of a short-circuited contour(SCC). It considerably raises sensitivity and device information since allows to analyze quantitatively a signal directly caused by SCC in the field of maximal sensitivity of transients owing to influence of a short-circuited contour.
      The device does not demand use of physical standards, can be claimed for diagnosing windings in products of the wide nomenclature. Results of diagnosing are displayed on the display of the device which has the built-in keyboard for management. Communication with PC through interface is RS232.


Sensitivity to 1-st short-circuited spire
Duration of one test, sec, no more 


Power consumption, V, no more


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